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Friday, May 11, 2007

   Done with the fighting
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Well, the fight was resolved with everyone beign friends AGAIN. Not that its a bad thing. This is happend like 10 times now so im used to it. ._.

I still have to appoligize and recieve an appoligy from FoxofTwilight. We got in a fight and i deleted her off my list, so she hasnt been able to get through to me to tell me. I will tell her again, but if she reads this, I am sorry, Ki-chan. I hope we came become better friends. ^^

Anywho...The guy i like...I called his house yesterday and as he spoke, my heart wouldnt stop beating. Im getting to the point where its not infatuation, but love. I am truly falling in love with Deryl. <3

Today is Hat/Short/Flip Flop day at my school. Heh, last time i wore flip flops there...not a good experience to say the least, so i am wearing shorts and a hat (Wolves Rain! ^^). It cost a $1 per item, but Sophmores wear shorts for free for good attendance during testing. = D

Well, i must be off to school. Wish my luck inlove and the big tests i have to take. @_@




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