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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hope to See You Again ^_^
Dark is sooo hot!

Konnichiwa! Ogenki desu ka? Sowwie i havent been on in a while, i tried to visit everyone's site atleast once this week. Hows everyones week been? I had a very relaxing week (no skool) lol because it was regents exam week, so we only go if we have a regents exam to take (a regents is a NY state exam) so yeh i only had 1 regents exam 2 take which was for english (which i feel i did good on ^_^ yay!) anyways thats it 4 now, arigato 4 visiting! ^_^ later.

Oh yeh 4 all u SAMURAI CHAMPLOO fans:
(source animenewsnetwork.com)

"Adult Swim has announced that, starting Friday February 3, new episodes of Samurai Champloo will be aired on Friday Night Fix starting with episode 22, "The Cosmic Collision."
Friday Night Fix is an online programming block that airs every Friday night, from 11pm to 6am EST, during which Adult Swim premieres episodes before they screen on TV.
New episodes of Samurai Champloo will screen on Friday Night Fix six days before they are shown on TV.
Samurai Champloo is the first anime to be shown on Friday Night Fix."

...phew long post lol. Have a good weekend! ^_^

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