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Friday, February 29, 2008

   Leap Year Post!
I did squat today. Slept in past 3pm for some damn reason (wondering if I'm still getting over a sickness or anything), talked on the phone with a friend who got interviewed by the Chinese TV network about being in flight school, and wrote an e-mail to that job prospect.

Stepdad's still fine, though the other day he was having some pain in his knee/leg . . . I've watched a lot of "House", so then my imagination ran wild for a brief moment. However, going by all the stuff upstairs (including two cases and an instruction book), I've inferred that someone's bought my stepdad a DS to kill time (Crosswords and Brain Age).

New Bamboo Blade got released today - this pleases me, for that series rules.

Version Vibrant comes out in two days, hopefully. That should be good. I'm still not writing fast enough . . .

Tomorrow I'm driving down to Bellingham in Washington for cosplay shopping. I need to find a gun shop down there . . .

. . . I think that's good. Happy February 29th, all.

. . . . . and siu mui, your MSN name said it; that's how I knew.

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