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Monday, January 7, 2008

Biffer's got some tough days ahead . . .
My cousin told me that Bif Naked was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. This is sad.

Canadian rocker Bif Naked has breast cancer; says she's ready to fight

On the other news fronts . . . Gundam Seed, box set 1 comes out this week which is cool. Many a person had been waiting for that one, so I'm glad to tell them that that's finally out. The second part should come out early March.

Bought the Queens of the Stone Age song pack for Rock Band . . . enjoying that . . . still pissed off about how Harmonix and Activision (Guitar Hero's new company) are pissed at each other . . . the only ones hurt by their spat are us, y'know.

I've decided that before Sakura-Con I wanna make a Nathan Drake (from "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune") cosplay. It'll be kinda cheap to make (dirty grey shirt and jeans with a pistol shoulder holster), but it'd be fun to walk around like that. Just gotta go look for some leather and learn how to make stuff with it . . . here, have a reference picture:

Basically, he's a male Lara Croft.

I just got to about halfway in "The Golden Compass". Still enjoying it quite a lot. Mostly now I'm just debating whether I need to reread "The Subtle Knife" next (since I read it a couple years back for a class) or if I'll be fresh enough to go straight to book 3. Somethin' to think about.

Am I done? I'm done. I shall finish with Bif's cover of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters":

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