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Sunday, January 6, 2008

   Gay internet porn? Again? Really guys?
Y'know what? I think this week I shall have to write and post a "Caption Battle Suggestion List/Guide" on Wednesday. Further, I shall have a link to this list/guide in every caption battle post for the rest of time.

Things to touch on, in example:

-Writing a caption that pretty much says the exact same thing as another caption that's come before yours is rarely worth writing.
-Yaoi, while potentially funny, is not inherently funny.
-Using common sense when it comes to language and such - as funny as hearing "cock-knocker" is, it'll never win a caption battle.
-Long, extensive dialogues rarely win; they can, but they'd better be damn good.
-Follow-up to the last one: you're given a picture, a single flash moment in time. Writing about actions beyond that moment in time is a story inspired by the picture; it's no longer a caption.

Stuff like that. I'll admit, this inspiration from this came from www.supermanhomepage.com ("Remember, only YOU can prevent bad One More Day jokes, and knowing is half the battle"). They also mention taking the week's judge's tastes into consideration as well . . . I'm iffy on bringing that one up, but yeah.

In any case, I think I'll need to do this. For the betterment of the future . . .

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