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Saturday, January 5, 2008

   Oh shoot! Lion dance today!
For those of you who didn't get it last day:

Here's a reference pic! of Cagalli Yula Atha.

That done . . . I've got The Golden Compass to read and a lion dance to perform in Chinatown at noon today. They may or may not make me be the head which scares me (my lion head abilities aren't quite as confident as my cymbaling abilities, that's for sure!). Here's hoping I don't sleep in this morning . . .

Have I mentioned that Bluetooth headsets are fun as all hell? I rarely have to use it (basically it's just so I can hands-free my cell phone while I drive), but it's just nifty.

To wrap up today's post . . . my job-finding sooner-than-later priorities are hilarious.
1. I've missed my past 3 dentist check-ups. I miss having a dental plan . . .
2. I wanna have steady work so I can plan for time off for conventions.

I suppose "move out by this year" is in there as well . . . but that's less of a priority. Funny, huh?

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