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Monday, December 31, 2007

Two thousand seven now comes to an end,
We’ve all survived so far, as far can tell,
So as we recollect, these thoughts I send
That all shall be remembered, cherished well.

My travels thru the year had brought me far
And near, from west coast USA and back,
And further still as though to raise the bar,
The Old World ‘round, my life in one black pack.

But journeys with your feet are not the
Only kind that count, I think I’ve learned a touch
About this other path to learn, to know…
Though what I’ve learned, I’ve learned I know not much.

I’m often told the ways I’ve touched the lives
Of others, be it counsel, help or mirth;
It takes no skill to listen, shield the knives,
No, such things are easy on this earth.

It’s true they say the grass is always green,
More so when you see the fields of others…
So listen when I tell you what I’ve seen,
Your emerald fields, my dearest sisters, brothers…

Some of you I’ve watched grow up, grow strong
In all the ways your dreams at night had swirled,
From bright-eyed teens to young adults; how long
Before I watch you ruling all our world?

The leaps and bounds I see you take each day
Reminds me of the times I’ve let slip by,
Your drive and passion blows us all away,
And makes me wish I’d giv’n a better try.

I sit here now, six months without a job
And every day I fear I’ll let you down…
I know already I shall never sob,
For in this river you shall never drown.

I know I’m not the only one who feels
This way about you all, I know it’s true,
Though talking ‘bout these others then reveals
A different set of admiration new…

The easy times were few and far between
For ones whose eyes have seen far more than mine,
Their wills have wavered, faced with times obscene,
Yet still I find much in their days divine.

As one oft says, “you grow into your own
When stepping out with just your own two feet,”
And here I sit, inside my childhood home,
Still dreaming of the days in which I’ll fleet.

When first we met their age was as mine now,
Already they are married, pressing on…
No matter how tough times may sometimes plow,
Their independence inspires me upon..

It’s times like this I often feel quite lost
In terms of where to go, or what to do,
This hesitation for me pays a cost
Of body and of mine, I know this true.

I have concerns that I might miss my chance
And disappoint some day, and not live up
To what I can; some day I’ll not advance
And only be the wordy, aimless schlup…

But, I’m far from giving up just yet, and
As well, tomorrow is a brand new year,
And though I walk my path with burning brand,
I know I’ve nary beasts to truly fear.

One thing’s for sure, I know I could not ask
For better travel company, no doubt;
These days, most worthwhile things I take to task
Are for your pleasant trips, complaints without.

To where we travel next, I cannot say,
Though what I can…

…I’m glad y’all came my way.

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