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Sunday, December 23, 2007

   Two Things . . .
One: Where the hell is Rock Band?! Why hasn't EB received it yet?! Grr . . .

Two: Kamehameha contests in New Zealand. I feel like we should do something like this for our site, similar to the Haruhi thing:

And now all y'all need to see this guy from a different venue, same event . . . it's insane:

Whether we do it here or not, I'm definitely making a video montage at Sakura-Con!

In other news, went for sushi with stupid Ed and his sister last night. Then we played Guitar Hero 2 at my place. It was good times.

Hope you guys are all hangin' in there alright. Only two days to go . . . crikes, when did it become only 2 days to go?!

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