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Saturday, December 22, 2007

   Ohhhhh, Adult Swim, have you finally noticed?
So I've been watching Death Note on Adult Swim's website the past couple months. Since they started showing it a week before YTV, their episodes have been newer every Friday. So, every Friday I watch Death Note online, completely amazed that they never got around to blocking connections from outside the USA . . .

. . . I think they finally caught on this week, 'cause now every time I try to watch videos on AS's website I get redirected to their homepage. Damnit.

Good job, Adult Swim, you may have just forced me to take less justified means for watching Death Note . . . good job . . . . . you've just promoted internet piracy. Probably.

Or I'll just wait 'til next week. But I'll hate it . . .

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