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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

   Back to Real Time . . .
Thanks again, everyone who was able to read most of those Remembrance Day posts. As all the other writers can attest, it's always nice to know that I didn't just wear at my keyboard for nothing.

So who else read that thing about how Tim Kring, creator of Heroes, made a public apology for season 2 not being as awesome as it should be? Stuff like it being too slow-paced, Hiro in Japan for too long, not establishing the season's main crisis sooner . . . so he said that once the strike's over and they get to start writing more stories, Heroes is gonna be kicking some serious ass all over again. It's a neat kind of statement to hear from a show creator, y'know?

In any case, the last two episodes have been beyond badass, so I'm happy.

Aside from that, I've taken up a hobby of playing with Mario Paint Composer. Basically, some dude took the music-making program from the original Mario Paint for SNES and put it on steroids and on the web for free download.

I've gone to town on that mother ever since . . .

("Sakura Kiss" from Ouran High School Host Club)

("Rolling Star" from Bleach)

And my proudest achievement yet . . . in its full-length glory . . .

("Houki Boshi" from Bleach)

I'll probably take a break now. Considering that last one took me about six hours to compose, I think I may need it for other things . . . like watching season 2 of GTO!

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