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Monday, October 15, 2007

In other news . . .
I wondered about myself and my writing style. Y'know, trying to identify the characteristics of my prose whether it's formal, narrative, or whatever. The stuff that I'm good with, the stuff I tend to skirt around and avoid . . . everything!

I've figured some things out so far. In my fiction, I love writing banter and dialogue, give a lot of detail for action, but give little to no detail about physical descriptions and the like (I suppose my theory is that I don't find it important what characters look like in a lot of them, so I leave it to the reader's discretion).

In my formal writing, I abuse fancy punctuation and use a lot of analogies. I also adore the word "indefatigable", which has been my secret writing weapon since about grade 10 or so.

In general, I use a lot of ellipses and semicolons. I'm also pretty anal about keeping to Canadian/British spellings if I have the choice. I also suppose . . . I dunno, I'm good at controlling and directing the tone of my writing, depending on what I need to say?

It's a fun thing to think about, and I seem to be enjoying it enough. So what do you guys think characterises my writing?

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