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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mood: Lonely
Date: Tuesday October 6th 2009; 4:28pm

Last post i think some people kinda misunderstood me. I didn't mean to come off snobby by saying no one could draw as well as me.. or even sound like that. I never have anyone else challenge me and you can only improve so much by challenging yourself. I constantly have to get more and more ideas and keep pushing myself but I want someone or really several people to be better than me so i can learn from them. not even learning anything is very frustrating and depressing. If this college costs $80,000 then i expect to learn something i don't already know.

I had drawing again today. Teacher now doesn't like me so much. I turned in the assignments and extra work on top of that with time to spare. I started to put my huge drawing pad up and he got a little irritated with me and sarcastically asked me "are you leaving us?" My personal opinion- If you've done the assignment. AND extra work on top of that AND turned it in i think you should be able to do free drawing.

for the past two days i've been shaking so bad i can't hold my hands still at all. I thought the first day it was just because of nerves from school but no. It was still there today and i felt so. sick.. just like really weak. at 11 I went to get something to eat at noisy oyster. I got a salad i expected to be tiny. no not at all. I didn't even finish a fourth of it. Maybe an 8th. I couldn't stomach anymore. I felt bad wasting so much food.. I never do that. Food sort of helped but it just eventually came back.
Maybe i need to eat more often or something..


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