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Friday, October 2, 2009

Mood: Bouncy
Date: Saturday October 3rd 2009 12:26AM

jae has new music :DDDD that no one else will like :| I showed Japan86 the song ^^; she didn't like. i know several people wont like it but it's so funkeh it me i loooove it. (sparkle's fault)

So people are getting into arguments over who belongs to who D: (lala's fault xD) and i must state JaeJoong is so mine- same name. hands down i win- HA.

oh this guy too...

Well before I start school monday I decided to take a quick trip to Georgia. It'd be nice to just get away for a weekend and relax so i'm not completely stressed out for school. But i understand relaxing doesn't work when you're around 4 kids who are all between 3yrs-5months. some how i'm comfortable. living with my father is like having 10 2 year olds throwing tantrums. i think i might take them over my father actually. least you have athority sake- pff

This is so cute. Idk where sparkle got it lol


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