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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mood: energetic
Date: Thursday Octover 1st 2009; 8:27PM

I know I never visit anyone. I have good reason. I dont have the internet. long story dont want to get into a rant. Lala and sparkle know i can talk about my father forever. >>

Good news everyone! [/futurama] 8D
I had college orientation today. =_= i've never sat through someone so boring. I learned .... nothing except college attendence is CRAZY.
We can miss ONE single day without penalty. Idk about you guys but that scares the crap about of me. I've NEVER gone a single semester in highschool without missing at least 3! ;~; i'm going to diee i'm going to dieeeeeee. If you miss 2 it's a letter grade. 3 another letter grade 4 you fail. period. DDDD;

Finding a place to park downtown is frickin' CRAZY. I'm already furious. It took me 30 minutes of driving around to realize this wasn't going to work and i went to park at my never-going-to-be-ready-because-dad-keeps-spending-money-on-whores appartment and there was no parking there either! the whole lot was completely jam packed! ;_; idkwtftodo!!!!
i parked on the side of the street and used my father's handicap pass (which he's not =_=) then walked to school. not that i minded it it's just so frustrating. i should have done that to begin with.


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