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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mood: Cranky
Date: August 2nd 2009 9:46PM

I went to Charlotte North Carolina for the weekend. In general it was fun but after 7PM you have to be 21 to get into ANYTHING including the movie theaters and restaurants. -_-;
*sighs* It was very difficult because I was going with my friend since I was 4, Lauren, and her mother. Her mother.... makes EVERYTHING complicated and cannot drive. -_- simple directions of "go to the corner" she thought was too confusing for me to understand so instead she said 5million other things which i couldn't understand until lauren took the phone.
The trip was pretty good though but i really wish I had my camera because I could have gotten a lot of ideas for drawings but my father decided it was more important to get fuzzy pictures of his "not girlfriend" from ft. sumter when her back was turned while she was reading a sign. pointles... so anyway-

I get home and dad says from the kitchen " ...you're going to get mad at me" the first thing into my head is if he gave away my apartment because he spent too much money on his goddamn kitchen renovation which he did NOT need- i will kill him right here and now and not even feel bad about it. I never ask my father for anything and he knows the one thing i want more than anything else right now is to live there. but thank god that wasn't it. he was SOOO embarassed that he had 4 salad forks and 4 dinner forks at a get together with like 6-8 people that instead of him just... letting people get a normal fork he just HAD to have something where they all matched together! just HAD to. So he went through my college&appartment stuff to find the set i had and used them. w....t....f IT'S A FRICKIN FORK WHO CARES IF IT MATCHES!?
that's not even what pissed me off the most. when i came home i walked in my room and i'm really OCD. everything in order turned a certain way. it has to be like that for me. well i found a cap to my makeup on the floor but it was the top to one of those powder things idk... i kept that on a high shelt behind a memory box i had and i looked up there and just.. put it back. i was irritated someone was in my room and couldn't understand why on earth someone had taken the cap to my makeup and just thrown it on the floor so i then looked down to discover my artwork was rearanged. dad was showing my artwork off to his friends and then i saw something. the cheetah i was working on was behind a frame which had metal pins out the back that could have ripped my picture to shreds. that cheetah- when i finish i could sell for $1000-$2000 because of it's size and rediculous detail. I couldn't beleve he came so close to tearing that thing; i had a heart attack right there. i figured he took some artwork down off the shelf and knocked the makeup off, it hit the floor and the top popped off. probably. my father said the 17 year old girl that was here wanted to get into the stuff i do and i looked at him and could honestly tell him she doesn't even know what i do because my lyric stuff is what i do and i had my portfolio with me on the trip.
he's just sooo0-0ipu4ith2o34uth I WANT OUT OF THIS HOUSE!


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