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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mood: Exhausted
Date: Thursday July 9th 2009

Well It's the middle of the summer for everyone I think. What's everone done so far on their vacation? :3
Well I actually did have internet when I got here but I just dont have time to get on the computer really. I try to get on it at night for like an hour but Lala and sparkle are trying to steal my man, Jaejoong so I have to spend the most of my time fending them off and that is my excuse why I do not visit sites.

I woke up today exhausted and just could not get out of bed till 12:00 which made no sense.. It's not like I went to sleep all that late. I was just so tired I could not lift my head, i couldn't text my friend back, eugh it was weird. So I figured maybe it's because I haven't had anything real to eat lately. When my father goes to the grocery store he only buys meat it seems like. So I sulk and much on celery D; -kidding
Well I got up, tired and hell but i looked pretty today for some reason O_o You know how you just have those days? Went to the grocery store and bought $75 in complete and total vegetarian food |D I'm SET!

:| but then i came home and ate something and it didn't really do crap for me... @_@


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