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Monday, October 15, 2007

Over the past three years I have self tought myself everything i know about HTML and myotaku.com. I have recieved help from Ryocite, sesslover18, chibim, caprice, and lenaisy mainly about codes. all of us were self tought... Why can't you be? I am COMPLETELY AGAINST PRE-MADE LAYOUTS! why should people whom have scrificed YEARS of hard work to be shoved behind a curtain so that others can expierence the same joyful out come with no work at all?! With premade layouts you are technically stealing someone else's artwork, ever if you have their premission. On theotaku.com, can you put up someoe else's artwork up even when having their premission? NO! it's still considered plagerism. You are taking credit for someone else's work.

the second issue i would like to address is Modzilla or Foxfire internet. Internet Explorer (IE7 currently) was the ORIGINAL internet EVERYONE used in the beginning. Modzilla is a damn cheat sheet! That is all it is. It's a bastardized replica of IE7 with a little cheat sheet for the ignorant and lazy people. Any layouts (div or table) made by a myotaku member will not be the same on modzilla as internded on IE7. Also, and i am sorry this is directed slightly at an individual i talked with last night, there is a process called over write which allows you to overwrite an account is if it jamed or having problems so that you do not have to delete it. Modzilla not only showers you how to over write pages but will do it to where the overwrite process doesn't even take place! Why should someone whom has learned how to overwrite the manual and correct way be replaced by a "feature" to make life easyer for lazy people? The world is getting so pathetic now of days. God, i hear people say "I'm too lazy to type" ... alright then, they have problems.

Lastly I have seen the new layouts for theOtaku and Myotaku.com I was asked not to mention this so i will keep it as classified as possible. I will not say it is good or bad; I will not tell you what it looks like if you ask. I am just going to state I disagree with it. I could not say for 100% that the new layouts do not accept div layouts but i am near positive. If anyone understands what this means, it means the people that have been creating layouts for years will no longer be able to because of the new structure of the pages. No more layouts... no more customizing pages... It will be based off of numbers and not talents. So basically the new people do not have a chance at getting on the top 500s boards.

If this layout does take affect and we are no longer allowed to do div's I will be quitting myotaku.com.

If you agree with the issures i would appretiate it very much if you could place the banners you agree with on your page if at all possible.