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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Well, nothing has really happened. Turned 19 without incident. Dad didn't come, surprise me not. I did buy the first 25 episodes of Gundam Wing. I'm on 22.
As for today, well, I went to the arcade with my friend, haven't seen her in a while. She graduates on Tuesday, and as far as I can tell she's excited. I'm watching my mom's dog. So far my favorite times have been when Joey's been asleep. He's not chewing my bag then. I'm staying at my grandma's for the night, but I have to head home fairly early tomorrow because I have to get Noura over to my house. Tysias (the friend I went to the arcade with) thinks we need to get together... sorta like we did on my graduation.
Yeah, best party ever involved going for Hawaiian ice and a run on Hastings for anime. It was probably the most fun I've had at a party, and I didn't have to spend two months cleaning candy wrappers out from every crevase in my room... a la my 13th b-day. I can tell you right now, nougat is hell to get out of a bedspread.
Hm... I updated my comic, and I'm hard at work on the elf one. I'm in the process of drawing page six, which puts me at halfway through the first page of script. I'm going fairly detailed on this one.
Noura has commisioned me to draw a manga of her new story, so I'm going to have her bring it tomorrow and I'll copy it. She writes in script format so it'll be cake to draw. The one thing is she doesn't write a lot of description, so I have to take a shot in the dark for some of the characters and scenes. Usually they come out right, sometimes I have to tweak a little. But I can picture them, and when I told her about it, she sort of agreed with me. So I think this is a go.
So many projects... and I intend to learn to play the guitar, if not totally at least a little better, by the end of the break. Guess I better get to it!
Mata ashita, minna-san! Solaris out!

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