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Monday, April 30, 2007

Yes, you read right, one to go! I only have concepts of fitness before I'm done for the semester! Summer off for me! Yatta! ^____^
In other news, I am NOT going to Florida. So the hiatus for cl101 should be over relatively soon. After I finish uploading the first chapter, though, all bets are off. I'll be back on hiatus for that until I get at least ten pages on my elf comic. Which, at the rate I can draw, shouldn't be too long. It'll be coloring the pages that will be a bitch. Because, yes, it will be full color. And the two pages cl101 will have when I come back? They will be color as well! And since I'm messing with color holds and such, I'm probably going to do it in marker and color hold the panels and such. 'Tis all so fun.
Well, it's lunch time. Mata Ashita, minna-san! Solaris out!

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