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Monday, May 1, 2006

   YoHo !
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Hello everyone wow I had fun this weekend. I went to Shiokazecon in Houston Tx. It was so cool I got to see High & Mighty Color in concert that rocked. I can't explain how it was but saying it was awsome. I waited in line to get there autographs and they signed my cd I even got to shake there hands cool. One of the band members even kissed my hand I was like where am I. I did get to see my ex there but he talked to me like a friend It was cool. Though I am not still completly over him I still want to be in his life. I even got playful and hit him on his back as a way to say im angery but glad to see him. Hehehehe..... Well I will go now. Thats what iv been up to till now.

This two videos are for you High & Mighty Color. Your concert rocked. It is something that will be forever remembered.
Song Name : Ichirin no Hana

Next song is awsome High & Mighty Color
Song name : Run * Run * Run

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