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Saturday, January 6, 2007

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It's...a ghost? No, it's not. It's Katana, and I'm here to spark some interest! Hopefully.

After careful observation, it was noted that all SOAP members still have SOAP in their friends list, meaning that even though the site has been inactive for around five months, people are still remembering. So, in order to keep people writing, a small contest is being held.

Here it is: Design the most clichéd and Mary-Sue anime series and describe it in 803 words or less. It's that simple! Then post it on your myOtaku, permalinking it in the comment box.

There's no prize, but if you want to volunteer a prize of sorts, then feel free to do so.

Due date is 11:59pm (Eastern time) January 27th. Ta-da and good luck. :3

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