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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Date: Sunday December 3,2006
Time: 3:45 PM
Currently listening to: Nothing

Hello! It turned out that I didn't have school Friday due to snow. I also fell asleep and didn't wake up till 12:41 that same day. Then my friend came over and we watched John Tucker Must Die, which was a funny movie^^. I'm so bored right now and I don't know what to do. Well I g2g see ya.
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Friday, December 1, 2006


Date: Friday December 1,2006
Time: 5:16 AM
Song of the day: The Interview By: AFI
Question of the day: Are any of your schools closed? Answer: I don't know my mom is listening to the radio to let me know.

Hello! I wish the school would close! It said on the news that at midnight it was going to start snowing and it hasen't and it also said that by 7 Am we would already have about 6" of snow and it also hasen't. I have a feeling that there will be school today but the roads are going to be slippery so what's the point of going if we might get out early for it anyway? The world and weather SUCKS! My friend might come over but maybe because of the weather she might not and I'm sad if she doesn't. Well I will try and get to your guy's posts if not I'm REALLY SORRY! Well l8ter
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Date: Wednesday November 29, 2006
Time:7:56 PM
Currently listening to: Flyleaf


If your wondering why I'm thanking her is because she put a box around my post^^
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Do you like it? No you donít, do you? The real question is: Are you willing to post this code every time you update? No you arenít, arenít you? Unfortunately it didnít come out right. The more you write the more the picture appears and itís double. Sorry. I hope you can find someone who can do it better. Like I said I tried everything. *tears*

I suck

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Friday, November 24, 2006

   Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Friday, November 24, 2006
Time: 2:10 PM
Question of the Day: What are you doing this weekend? Answer: Well I'm at my grandma's house for this weekend and Sunday me, mom, my sister, and my aunt are going to see the play Wicked in Chicago.

I'm so BORED! Today is my mother's birthday!*HUGS to mom* Tomorrow I might go somewhere to get some grey leggings for my outfit that I'm wearing for Wicked. We also might rent some movies and I might rent Hangman's Curse again^^. If anyone has a clue how to get a box around your post please PM ME and I'll give you my password so you can do it for me. THANKS for whoever knows cause I don't. Well that's all for me! L8ter

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy ThanksGiving!!!!!!!
Date:Thursday November 23,2006
Time:10:58 PM
Question of the Day:What are you doing for ThanksGiving? Answer:My grandma and aunts are coming over and were eating yummy turkey^^ Then we put stuff on our Christmas Tree.

Hello! Missed me? I really have nothing to say but Happy ThanksGiving! This weekend is going to be busy for me. Sunday me,mom,sister, and my aunt are going to see Wicked!!!! I can't wait!!! I saw it once but we got crappy seats and it made me mad. Well that's all for me! I hope you all have a happy "turkey" day^^.

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Date:November 9,2006
Song of the Day:Its Better If You Do By: Panic! At the Disco
Question of the Day:What song is in your head right NOW!
Answer:It Ends Tonight By:All American Rejects
Well me and my friends are fine and happy again. Thanks for DarkDestinedAngel for leaving that nice comment on my site*HUGS* Today nothing really happened I was poking Brandy today and she was getting mad but I kept on doing it^^. I have to do this debate thing in Child Development tomorrow and I want to get out of it but my mom won't let me and I tried to ask my sister for help but she wants me to do it but I just can't. I know all of you who comment will say..."You'll be fine just do it and get it over with." Well I can't and I can't even come up with reasons why. Well I g2g L8ter

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Monday, November 6, 2006

Date:Monday November 6,2006
Time:8:34 PM
Song of the Day: Goodbye for Now By: P.O.D.

Hello for the last time well not the last time but for a while. I need to clear things but with my friends cause there being really mean to me and I can't help it I'm really at the verge of cutting my wrists....SORRY IF THAT'S POSER TO SOME PEOPLE.......but I was really going to do that today. I will still be on signing gb and posting comments and sometimes posting if I feel better and my friends will treat me right. If any of you want to pm or talk to me on Yahoo(if you have one) then please do cause that would make me feel better. Well Goodbye.....forever

I Love all my friends on my site and I will never forget you*HUGS*
Please keep it touch.


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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

   Date:November 1,2006
Time:5:16 PM
Song of the Week: Welcome to the Black Parade By: My Chemical Romance
Question of the Day: What is your favorite day of the week?
Answer: Friday cause then you can look forward to the weekend and sleep in^^
Hello....I'm back I guess. Yesterday me and my friend went trick er treating. I was a goth girl and she was a skater girl...well sorta. Then we went to my mom's friends house and hung out there for a while and we watched t.v./music. Today nothing much happend Alex(cricket is his nickname)was picking on me again and it wasn't the mean kind of picking on but like playing around. When the bus bell rang I saw him at his locker so I kicked him in the butt and then he tried and kicked me back but he couldn't^^. I still have homework but it's so HARD! Well I g2g so see ya.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Date:Saturday October 28,2006
Time:12:54 PM
Song of the Day:I Hate Everything About You By: Three Days Grace
Question of the Day:What's your favorite movie?
Answer:Hangman's Curse^^
Oh yes I'm back.School is going really well. I got my report card for last quarter and I got 1 A,7 B's,and 1 C and if I got a B or and A instead of the C I would have been on honer roll. Woo go me I guess.I'm at my grandma's house and today we have a birthday/halloween party to go to today and it's for my cousin's dad who is turning 50. My cousin is emo/skater like me^^ and I'm going to see him today...he's cool though. Tomorrow I'm going to Target,K-Mart,Sears, and maybe Wal-Mart if they don't have my bracelets.Uhh...I have homework too....fudgecakes.My friend is sick and I have no one to talk to and I don't want to call her just in case she might be sleeping or something. I also might go rent movies and I'm so renting Hangman's Curse cause it looks really good and there is a HOT guy in it and I think his names Ian but all I know is that he's like goth or something and he's hot^^. I have a Halloween Party today and I can't go cause I'm at my grandma's house and I really really wanted to go=(. Oh well I guess. I need a new theme for my site so if anyone has a theme for me please tell me^^ Thanks a bunch. Brittany please call me you should know my number. Well I g2g get ready for the party so l8ter.

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