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Saturday, April 5, 2008

heart breaking letter
This is what Uchiha Amaya wrote:

Dear Kakashi,
If you're reading this you've probably figured out that I have left.
I'm returning to Akastuki - whether you like it or not. I'm so sorry. I know
that this will probably break your heart. Because, I know it's breaking mine.
But, I know deep in my heart this is something I have to do or I'll never
see Sasuke again. I cannot bear to think about that. Anyway, I just want
you to know that I'll be okay. I know I will. Because I know in my heart
that I... love you. I always will. You'll be in my heart no matter where
my journey brings me. And hopefully, it will bring me back to you one day.
Please do not look for me. I beg of you.
Love Always And Forever,
Uchiha Amaya

Will he be missing her all the time?


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