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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I just had my appointment to change my schedule yesterday. I ended up having lunch with Cynthia and not Ashley... But we can still all talk to each other before classes start; there's like 30 minutes between when the buses arrive and when class starts. And I also have math with Cynthia. Here's my schedule:

1st period: Spanish 3
2nd: Global history
3rd: Math A2/B1 (two years of math into one)
4th: Lunch
5th: English
6th: Chemistry
7th: Gym (on 'A' days)/ Chem lab (on 'B' days)
8th: Health (Fall semester)/ Computer keyboarding (Spring semester)

School starts a little earlier this year, but we also get let out earlier too.

Peace out.

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