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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hey,sorries if I am really losin my temper here, so if u don't like it sorries.
Hey every1, sorries i haven't updated in awhile. Bein a lazyass again. I can't stand the fact that my life is never great while the rest of my family have some fucken good life! I'm sick of it!!! Everytime I try, I fail and everytime I do somethin right I end up is tears! Sometimes I do all this good stuff n still nothin ever happens good 2 me! I wanted 2 recieve arts class 4 I could get collage credit n what happens! My dad can't afford it! I'm just tired of this shit! I'm tired of pplz treatin me like a lil girl! I'm tired of livin in my lil sis shadow! I'm tired of pplz tellin me "Amy be like this be like that!" Well here's the cold fucken truth:I'm not that person they want me 2 be! I want 2 prove 2 my family n my mom who says shit bout me and my dad that I am not wut she says I am and that my dad is a bitch! He was poor when he was lil! Unlike my mom who had $! So of course he couldn't get a good job! N that bitch of a person who calls himself boss!?!?!?! Fuck him 2 n I hope he dies n go 2 hell!!!!
That's mean but tough luck 4 him. Well,looks like I won't be gettin into William and Mary at this point T.T Se yaz

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Monday, August 1, 2005

   Still Sleepy, stupid stepsis scared me 2 death this morning
Hey! It's been awhile 4 me that I updated.-_-;;;; Sorry, all I've been doin iz tryin 2 find out how I could get rid of a spyware and adware I have in my pc. Stupid thing infected aol, yahoo, aim n msn. So anyway 2 chat is cancelled.Damn T.T So what I've been doind is hangin out in other sites. Fanfic, quizilla, gaiaonline, something 2 keep myself entertained. My stepsis's convinced she's pregnant. (She's 23 n I don't believe her) Well good luck with that cause she's somewhat not responsible, like me!^^ Wow, blabbed 2 much, sorries n se yaz 4 now^^
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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

   I got burned by the sun.
Holas! Bored, well not really. Just don't really know wut 2 do at da moment. I have internet1 Yes! Now, how da heck u use AIM on dsl? I know it sounds like I'm slow but i used 2 have aol so it waz much easier. So if any1 knows, HELP!!! Jamie, u help a friend! I went 2 da beach, got burned, was very moody that I almost strangled Dino, oh and I got full w/ 5 bites! So there was no buffet 4 me. Got sick, almost got run over cause was distant 4 da whole trip. have no clue y? ?_? maybe somethin'z botherin me, I just don't know wut? ?_? Well, goin 2 pplz pages! Se yaz!!
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Friday, July 1, 2005

   C that smiley?That's wut i'm suppose 2 b doin right now.
Holas! Stayed up the whole night. I had too much caffine. 3 cans of coke n 1/2 of a red bull when my dad wasn't lookin! This time I'll be able 2 visit ever1's page, i have lot's of. We r goin campin today, later though. Today is when I'll get internet at my house. (Am at lil sis house)*yawn* A lil bored yes but, hey, how wouldn't be after not bein able 2 go 2 bed? This was long srry. Oh n thanks 4 da g-book sighning n comments! Se yas!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nlo m ore school n probally will get internet durin tha summa! Srry can't visit every1's page 2day cause only got a couple of minutes! Hope every has a good summa n will miss ma friends and get bopred at home!
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Saturday, June 4, 2005

   Hey! Still don't have internet, which is bullshit!
Once again at da libary! Srry that I couldn't visit ever1's pages! Ma stupid lil sis wanted 2 get on n she dosen't have a card! I got in trouble because I didn't get off ma seat. Well not much 2 say n srry if I didn't make it 2 ur page. Se ya!
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Saturday, May 7, 2005

Hey every1! I still don't have internet which iz shitty as hell! But I will now update at tha libary n lil sis house! I need 2 visit pplz pages! Mother's Day iz comin! DAMN!! I hate mothers day! Y? Me n mother fight 2 much! But 4 some reason I don't give a damn! I have 2 go to thiz dinner w/ my stepdad's family n hers. I know I'm gonna hate it cause I feel isolated 2 them. I rarly talk 2 them, there traditions 2 me r weird, they don't talk 2 me rarly n being around them makes me wanna go home. I guess it's cause they know that if ther's somethin that I don't like I'll go into a bitchy mode(No 1 wants 2 c that side of me) and arguee n eventually either hit some1 or brake some1. Plus I always cry on mothers day. I don't know y. I guess it's cause a long time ago my mom was w/ my older half sis dad. HE'S A BITCH!I didn't see my sister in about 2 months n I celebrated M.D. w/ grandma at church. I got stuck 4 this play, a small role n when it waz over we needed 2 say tha name of our mother n H.M.D. My grandmother was in El Salvador w/ cancer. I cried in front of every1 that day. I was by myself. So every year on this day I cry. Feelin pathic. But that's it. Well now I have a stepmom that has been more of a mother than my mom! Well se ya! Thiz waz 2 long! SRRY!!
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Friday, April 29, 2005

hey its J TaG updatin 4 her well i was talkin 2 her on da phone and she said her parents disconnected da phone soo dat means she cant go on da internet and i got soo FUCKIN pissed and ur probably wonderin how could u talk 2 her on da phone then well she was usin her dad s cell and she also wanted me 2 tell u guyz she said sorry she couldnt go 2 ur site that often =( well i cant even talk 2 her that much on AIM cuz she has a time limit on da computer which iz like 30 minutes and that is sum SHIT cuz u cant do much in 30 minutes and she said she doesnt know when she ll get everythin worked out and she said probably never which suxx ASS and sorry arsh2882 cuz i dont think she can reply 2 ur PM well thats it and she said if she has anythin important she ll tell me 2 update 4 her k bye
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I don't really have much 2 say. I got very spoiled on my b-day! Just tha way I like it! But I have 2 do a borin S.S project. El Salvador. At least my family iz 4om there. So it will be easy! Anywaz May 20th I go 2 Hershy Park as a orchrestra compitetion! Plus Band n Chorus iz goin! So most of ma friendz r goin! Hope we win again! Well se ya!
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Thursday, April 21, 2005

PLEASE DON'T IM ME TROW A CELLPHONE!!!!!! I activated my accident! WAHHHH!!!!!!!!! If I get busted am so dead!! So please don't or else thiz will be my last moments on tha internet! Anywaz my b-day iz Sunday! WOOT! WOOT!!! Hope 2 get presents n spoiled!^^ I am going 2 a acrade thiz weekend n family iz comin over. I don't really have much 2 say 4 some reason. 2day got a bag of gummies 4 my b-day 4om my english teacher.Many pplz wanted thme so I waz mice and gave some away. ^^ Well will update soon! Se ya!
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