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Thursday, October 25, 2007

snake43's post for 10/25/07
Hi my fellow fans and friends! I will now be writing posts everyday i get a chance too! Well for starters I finished up all kinds of art of Naruto.

They all naruto girls well almost all them, i put an occasional sasuke and a naruto and oh yeah a shikimaru pic with a sword and i starting to get my shading a whole lot smoother with a piece of tissue paper, and my coloring is getting a whole lot better as well i can blend them in better and the pics look a whole lot smoother.

Anyways i started drawing women a whole lot more than usually, i been practicing for weeks , i think i starting to get how to draw women, i can draw women in binkis which is awesome , because that was the first time i ever got one right and beleive it or not she doesn't look to fat or too skinny, she's average i guess! Lets see i have two or three pics of ino and a couple of sakura and one of hinata, and all them have color expect for one of sakura i haven't finished.

I basically used spacecowboytv's pics as refereneces for my poses and used his drawing techiques on the bodies! I copyed this one almost exactly like one of his sakura pics i think i did two of his sakura pics. I almost forgot i drew this really cool one of neji too!

Oh yeah sky song your pic is still at my cousin's house, but i promise this i will get it finished and i make it look smooth not messy like my other ones, okay and i'll try the river but please don't get mad if it looks like crap and the forest i still remember it and if anyone else wants me to do a request for them just pm or put it in any of my comment links and i get to you as soon as i can and will get done i promise you that! I also do art trades too!

see ya around

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