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Monday, April 17, 2006


Happy Easter Everyone ^_^
Hope you will get a chance to eat some eggs O_O

Just kidding.



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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Fanfiction Update

I wrote a fanfic. And I'm here to... plug it!
hehe.. but first of all, I'll greet you all a big warm HI and HAPPY DAY! YAY! haha...

Oh anyways. Here is my 'fanfic' hehe...


Genre: Humor
Rating: K+
Chapters: 1

Shino is a character from the anime/manga "Naruto"
And for me, he is the most quiet person, well 'one of'

In my story, Shino gets lonely.
Then, decided to CREATE a friend.

Before I spoil anything more. I'll stop here. xP
Please review. I'm not forcing you to, but it would be a pleasure! xD
I allowed 'anonymous' reviews that is why there is no need to have an account to be able to review.



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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Summer: hoooooooot T_T

Whew... It's really getting so hot here in our place. Every now and then you will crave for some icylicious drink! Or crave to swim! Just to feel cooooooooooooold.



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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Aburame Shino: Underrated?

Entomologist: The Shino FL

Shino is a character from the anime/manga "Naruto"

He is someone who's silent and does not really talk that much. Does that mean that this characteristic of his is the one making him, not noticed?

I think of all characters of Naruto, he is the one most person underrated. People don't notice him much because he only tags along with Kiba and Hinata.

Inspite of his being 'silent', he is a strong and awesome ninja. He has a unique ability. We have seen him fight in some occasions and you can't deny he's strong. Right? hehe.. And if you do not know, he is the second best rookie after Neji.

Also, he is a mysterious type of person that makes it intriuging about him. And when he is fighting with others, he just remains this calm attitude yet he is thinking.

I guess some people thinks he is just someone added to Kiba's team to be able to COMPLETE the team. No way! He was there because he is someone UNIQUE! Ever seen a ninja with lots of pretty bugs inside them? That makes him speacial! What do you think about it, gross? No way, it's amazing. haha! That is how I see it. Frankly.

And if you are wondering what's behind Kakashi's mask, why not wonder what's behind Shino's glasses? haha! What if we place his glasses at Sasuke, will people still love Sasuke? haha! He is just so patient wearing those glasses. LoL. And if he removes it, you can't resist but believe, that he does have EYES! haha... Wanna see?


So what's my point of posting this?
That do not under estimate SILENT persons.


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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I wrote a fanfic.
It's a story about Kakashi and Gai and one of their 'competitions' haha

Tic Tac Toe <- click <-

If you have time, please review as well.. xP

See ya'll!


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Monday, March 27, 2006


I find myself being addicted to Naruto these past days! haha... And now I want to watch the whole series from the start to be able to completely understand it!

It's because I skipped so many episodes because of the fact that I was busy. And becuase I was busy, I lost my interest T_T

BUt now, vacation time!
It's time to regain the spirit of whoring over the anime O_O;;

Well, not acctually 'whoring'





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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


this guy is interesting... Oxidize: Bleach FL

I have not yet seen this series.
But as far as I know, many people like it.
That's why, I am curious and I want to watch it. ^o^

They said it is funny and humourous with a great storyline.

I have read that it is a story about a 15 year old boy named Kurosaki Ichigo..

I always hear the name, 'Ichigo' and read some good feedbacks about the character. But I do not know if he is the only 'Ichigo' in the world of anime.. haha! It maybe about someone.

Furthermore, they said that Ichigo here can see dead people. Cool. That's intruguing! haha... ^o^

When I read that, I remembered Inuyasha. hehe..

That's all for today. ^_^

About my 'Bleach' curiosity.


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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pure Heart : Haku

Pure as Snow: Haku FL
Pure as Snow: Haku FL

Advanced Bloodiline is a powerful trait one possess. Sometimes, it can be very helpful and useful. Nevertheless it can be the opposite, evil and scary. People in Konoha now believes that it is one thing to be able to get rid of some of the people who possesses an Advanced Bloodline. What do they do? They kill them.

But it is not a sin to inherit an Advanced Bloodline. When you have it, you take the responsibility for it. It does not mean that when you have it, automatically it will be used for not-so-good thoughts. They judge your skin so much more than what you really got inside.

Haku who is so kind and gentle has been gifted with an Advanced Bloodline from his mother from the country of mist. It is the 'Mastery of Water and Ice'.

Unfortunately, people began to hunt and kill people with this kind of power. When Haku's father learned that his mother inherited this kind of bloodline, he killed her. Furthermore, he tried to kill Haku as well. He tried, but Haku just have to protect himself. Because of this, he killed his father.

It was his father's fault.
He must not panic in this kind of situation. He must learn to protect his wife and son from the people who hunts them. Knowing the fact that they will be killed only if the people know their secret. His father has done a wrong move.

Resulting to this, Haku fled away from the village all by himself.

Along his journey, he met Zabuza.
"You have the same eyes as mine" as Haku said to him. Zabuza saw that Haku was a boy who has an Advanced Bloodline. He thought it would be easier for him if he carries him along.

From then on, the two journey together.

Haku let himself to be a tool of Zabuza.
He did whatever Zabuza commanded him to do. But, Haku is not doing this just because it was assigned for him to do. He is doing this because Zabuza is his friend. His precious thing.

"When a person has something precious to protect, that is when they can become truly strong."

Haku considers Zabuza a precious thing to protect. In this case, he does anything for him.

Now tell me, would you consider a man like this, who offers his life to you without any hesitations or complaints.. just a tool?
A man who has undergone many sacrifices, hardships, loneliness and abandonment, just a tool?

Maybe Zabuza considered him as one.
But even though he did that, he still was Haku's friend! He did anything! Everything! He was not against Zabuza's plans.

He orders, he follows.

He does not mean to kill.
His purpose was to protect. He does things for his loved one. And he does it without any complaints. He does this things as a sign of thanks. He was not forced. He was not obliged. He did it for himself. To be strong. To know life. He was not a tool. He was a friend.

A loyal friend.

That is why, I liked Haku.
He owns this very strong personality. I hope he just became a ninja of Konoha and did not die T_T
The story might be more fun with him around.
I can imagine 'Naruto' with a lot of lessons to be learned about life if he was alive. I really loved the episodes where Haku was there. It maybe brutal, but still, the plot was amazing. And he himself was so cool. His story made me cry.. T_T



Just remember.
He is NO tool.

Let's just say...
He's a friend you can always trust! ;)

(( the following are some quotes i got from the Haku FL, [click the image above]))

Old habits die hard and it was also useful for my monkey pantomime routine... -Haku

You are so innocent, so guileless...no doubt, it's why I like you. - Zabuza

But...but you look so strong and manly already! - Haku to Naruto

When people are protecting something truly precious to them, they truly can become as strong as they must be! - Haku

You will get stronger. I know we'll meet again so...you should know...I'm a boy. - Haku

No way! He's...he's even girlier than Sakura! - Naruto

.I...can see myself in your eyes. We have the same expression! - Haku to Zabuza

I have my own dreams as you have yours...Please try not to resent me, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to protect the one I care about most...To fight, kill, or die to fulfill that person's dreams. Doing so is my own dream. To that end, I will become a true shinobi and I shall kill you both. - Haku

Often people have it wrong, mistakenly believing that showing mercy to an enemy is kindness. They spare the foe whose life is in their hands. But don't you see? It's an empty existence to go on living...alone and unloved...when defeat's already cost you your dream!. - Haku

Once...I was precious. I belonged...to...my parents. - Haku

I am your weapon and your tool. Keep me beside you, and I'll strike where you tell me to strike, kill whom you tell me to kill. - Haku to Zabuza


He was a pure spirit - as true and clean as a newly fallen snow... - Kakashi


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Monday, March 20, 2006

Edward and Alphonse: The Promising Duo

The Elric Brothers Fanlisting

Ed and Al.

My favorite brothers!
Whatever happen to them, whatever things they have undergone into, they manage to bring back their friendship. Well I guess everytime a misunderstanding occur, it does not mean that they hate each other. It just mean that they are frustrated of what the other told or have done.

They voyage for each other.
It's not just Ed travelling to be able to bring back Al's body which he thinks he was the one responsible for...br>But Al also travelled, because he want to bring back the lost arm and leg of Ed that was used to transmute him into that armor.

All for one, one for all!
One goes here, the other one must go here as well. ^o^

Who can beat the love of the two for each other? They are just one strong team! They believe and they have faith in what they are doing. And when one sightly fall, the other one comforts and brings back the spirit!

I guess they are just the duo you won't dare hate! ;)


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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Flame Alchemist: Roy Mustang

At first, you may think that he's one mean guy. Someone who only cares about doing everything and anything assigned to him for the sake of his job and name.

But I guess, if you think so, you must be wrong. He is some great guy.

I just finished watching an episode of FMA. It is the episode after the Philisopher's Stone was transfered at Alphonse's body.

Mustang, was ordered to find the Elric brothers because the military was blaming the two, for being responsible of what have happened to the village where the red light came from.

Mustang and his troop together with the Major, began their search. They took the secret way going back to the Elric's home. They know that way for some reasons and they know that Al and Ed will use that way.

Then all sorts of fast beat action came... running and chasing I mean.

Anyway, the part that struck me from this episode, is what Roy had said.

Winry was there, and she said something about her parents. Asking if this was the same thing that happened with them. For a while Mustang did not answered.

But at the moment he was able to corner Ed and Al, he began to speak. He said something like this... I just translated it in English for I was watching its tagalog version...

"One time, I was the one assigned to kill two doctors. This doctors were on our side, but they kept on helping other people who were injured that was our enemies. They have been warned but they did not stop doing so... Even though I know that it was pointles killing them, I was forced to for I am a part of the military...

But from that time on, I swear to myself, that I will never follow the military's senseless orders.

I did not follow you two because the military told me so. I followed you two because you frustrated me.... WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK FOR MY HELP!"

Never thought that a guy like him, will be frustrated at kids who did not ask for his help.
The thing here is that, he was worried...
He cared.

He himself, like Ed, will never be a follower of the senseless orders of the military.

Thus, I guess the episodes will truly be more inspirational... :D

Can't wait to watch it. ^_^


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