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Thursday, July 14, 2005


Hi! Well im sorry to say but this is my last post! yep! thats right! i'm leaving Myotaku! sorry guys but i dont really know what to do on here... im sorry! but i do hope all of you have fun!!! keeps your hopes uuuuuup! i might go to you guys site... but i wont visiting this site anymore... i'll do it for you guys!
expecially for yoshiki and yuki!!!!
yay! go gay! (your avi is hilarioooouS!!!!!!!)

sorry if i havne posted in forever cuz i broke the internet o.O
sounds like me huh?
well this is my fihnall goodbye!
i love you all!!!

Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
(but i'll se yuki and yoshiki so... *shruggs*)

also im leaving tuesday! this one comming up! i'll be going back home to my babies! yay! (wow that was gay O.o)

i know its not yaoi but... its

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