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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

   Happy Forth Of July

hey every one! i finnally posted! sorry it took so long! i was just to lazy to go on this site
but here i am! well happy forth of july guys! did you have fun? i did!
it was me, my 2 step bros dre and brandon and his friend went to the river walk, yeah we watched the fireworks blah blah
okay heres the good part
when we were leaving the car started to smoke so we pulled over... they were so embarased cuz the streets were crowded and everyone was laughing at us cuz the car was smokin' hat bad
anyway... after it stopped smoking for a few seconds... we had to go some where so that no one would see them (pretty boys gatta keep thier image)
we popped the hood and let it cool off... then.... the car like died or something...
so dre steered the car (he was the lightest)
and me, brandon and his friend had to push the car to the side... well... it ends up that im the only one pushing it
hmmp... anyway... i never knew i could push a car by myself.....
okay so when the car started to work again we had to hurry up and go home.
so brandon (yeah he was the origanal driver)
took a short cut by going down a slope passinga ll the cars, driving on the sidewalk allmost running over some one, and onto a curb to pass all the cars!!!
im suprised we didnt get caught by the poliiiiiice!!!!
so when we got home (brandon went to go take his buddy home)
then me and dre went to the park and there were allready people there shooting bottle rockets and bombs at each other! so we joined in the war! it was fuuuun! ^^ (it hurt like hell too)
oh! dre lit a fire cracker tossed it in some ones trash can and the trash can lit on fire!
then we made home made bombs

we didnt come home until at least 7 oclack in the morning?
well we stayed over some ones house (one of anetras friends)
and came home like at.. 10 or something... cant quite rememeber

well thats about it
i'll give you guys some news later on! byaaaaaaaa!


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