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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

   im at my dads and im doin' great

hiyaaaaaaaaaa guys! whats down? im doing great over here at my dads! the last time i went here it was nothing but hate, chaos and destruction! me and my step sister anetra wouldnt stop figting
me and my step bro dre, we would get along sometimes but he wouldnt stop maing fun of me and he blackmailed me big time
and then my other step bro brandon, well he was allright... i allways liked to mess with him! it was so much fun! but he was barey at home so i was lonely
but this time its totatly different!
me and anetra are gettin' along this time (we actually have stuff in common for once!!!)
me and dre are like best buds! we have everything in common (except for our music)
and me and brandon well... hes never here at the house so... but hes cool!!! (as usuall ^^)
up here in gerogia is awesome! we went o the club, and in the club theres a section with a huge arcade, a skating ring down stairs, a diner, the movies, and even some rolor coster rides! and its all inside! t is soooo sweat! i got this holly wood belt! and it scrolls my name or what ever i type in the back! its saaaweeeet! i have never seena nything like it! i got me some converses and the mall is awesome! man! the live right by the skate park, the club, the mall, everything!!! man its not fair.. every one has cell phones and i noticed that this one girl was sittin on a bench in the arcade text messagingthe girl down stairs in the diner! man... and when i say every one has cell phones i mean it! it looked like this 5 year old had one! they have this thing called cricket or what ever so the get unlimmited text messaging and long distance and other crap like that!
im so jelous! but im glad they have internet!!!! whoo hoo!
well how have you guys been? i miss you all sooooo much!!!!
i might just leave here on the 10th and go to new york. but they dont have internet there *shruggs*
i might just go anyway
i dont know...
im havin' a blast down here though....
i'll just have to see whats going on and crap....
i just wanted to say that everything was going well! and i wanted to here from you guys and stuff!!!
I LOoOoOoOoOoOoOoVe YoOoOoOoOoU!!!!

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