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Thursday, June 23, 2005

   too many thinks to say for just one topic

HIIIIIYAAAA GUUUUUUYS! whats doooooown???!!!! man! long time no talk! i have so many things to say.... but i dont know where to start!

1. okay! first we are ganna take a crack offa yuki! YUKI CRASHED HIS COMPUTER!!!!! AH FWA FWA FWA FWA!!!! maybe because all of the 1 billion viruses he NEVER TOOK CARE OF >.< i mean jeez! c'mon! a computer THAT old and it can hold THAT many viruses and STILL work! pfffft....

2. i have to tell every one that i am leaving saterday morning to go to see my dads in geaorgia for three weeks now! i dont know when that will be.. i think it might be on the 17th of july..... whoa.... anyway, my mom said that after 15 days from arkansas shes going to new york and i really wanna go! so she said im alloud! yay! (but after the 15 days from my aunts house) im ganna miss you all soooooo much! i hope they have the internet! if not i'll just ride my bike to the library. oh wait! i forgot they moved >.< so now i dont know if i could ride my bike to the nearest library XD

3. hey did i tell you guys that my ear was being stubborn with my earings so i took my left one out and i rippd all the flesh off of my ear lobe... it kinda hurt but not really... *sweatdrop* oh and another, i was skating out side with my next door neighbor and two other people down the street. they have thier own ramps and a bowl. well i went on the smallest ramp and went down and right when i hit the bowl in the middle i fell off my skate board and flew forward and sorta skid on the side of my face... i didnt even know.... i thought that sweat was dripping on the side of my face and forhead but it was actually blood... i noticed when i went back home and looked in the mirror. i put alcahol on it and um... yeah.. that hurt way worse than the ear lobe and the crash put together (never underestamate the power of rubbing alcahol O.O)

4. well the votes came in for the cosplay vs. yaoi pics vs. cosplay yaoi pics....
cosplay: 4 yaoi:7 cosplay yaoi: 5
it looks like the yaoi pics won! but thats okay... because i said just screw it.. i'll do all of theeeem!.

5. i dont really have anything to say in number five... it was ganna be someting for yuki but i forgot... oh well... if i remember i'll pm you before i leave... oh and hey yuki! during these 3 weeks im bringing my cellular phone (i love saying that) and so i might call you!!! of course i couldnt stand being away from yuki that long... at least let me hear your precious voice among my ears again! *sparkle* OH! HERES ONE FOR NUMBER FIVE! i was watching attack of the show/it came from ebay and they were showing some one who was selling a time machine! i cant find it.... but it said you have to wear its own daiper they made... that other people wore... heh heh
pic or what ever of the daaaay!:

tsume and toboe!!!! (i love this one)

sanji and zorro!!!

wolfwood and shironu

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