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Saturday, June 18, 2005

   Some New Changes

HIIIIII! okay as you can see i changed my site again. its ganna be all yaoi and im ganna try to do a 'everyday i log on, yaoi cosplay and/or the two comon couples'
you guys tell me okay?
just om me or tell me in the comment what ever thingy
speaking of what does the up finger and the down finger do?
my favorite yaoi couple is sepheroth and cloud

they are soooo cute together!!!!! i have another pic up above some where in the profile.. some where....
i had some really sexy picys of seph and sessh...
but my comp is being stupid and wont load them....
well i'll try again later...
theres really nothing new here... i just wanted to tell you all the new theme and crap
(not that its that important.... not like anything i say is important....)
so im ganna post random pics of people and stuffs....

This is for you yuki! i thought this was hilarious! i couldnt stop laughing! i guess this is in the seconds series (the one i dont have *vein*) but dont worry! i'll buy it on ebay!!!!! ah fwa fwa!

this is for you yoshiki!!!!!!! now who ever said yaoi was bad? heh heh

and this is for all you other random people out there!!!! (i thaought this one was funny)

(sorry no cosplay. i have to wait until my votes come in)

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