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Thursday, June 16, 2005

   the feeling of pain... so good...

Yo whats down every one? i havent been online in a while... and in 3 weeks im goin' to my dads house in geroirgia (cant spell)
but anyway... heres and update on whats goin' on
1. i havent slept in 3 days
2. all i have been doing is playing video games and im trying to beat the game sly cooper 2 before my lil bro has to take it back to block buster
3. im trying to beat devel may cry 3 but im stuck...
4. my nuckles are white and my hands are stiff
5. my eyes hurt and i cant see exept for the tv screen
6. GC has gotton more ghetto
7. i have promised to be a better loooooovaaaaaa(snl)and i have to be nice and not kick people any more
8. i dont know what to put for number 8
9. im on a mission to kill
10. what should i change my site to next?
well thats all the crap ive been up to!
whoo hoo!
now all i gatta do is get yukis picy of myoris ass
scan it
enlargen it
post it on my wall
and take the smaller pic and post it on myotaku! yup!
hear that???!!!!
and i still gatta get all my animerica and my camera from ryuichis!
arg damn it!
if i had a digital camera ide take a picy and show you how messed up i am! ha ha ha! im serious! my nuckles are WHITE!
well catch ya on the flip siiiiide
ja ne


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