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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

   My baby and a suprise!!!!

Hello every one! Whats down? Today is going to be a special day! this one is for my lover! and this means alot to me! I nick named her GC.... yes GC... it means alot to me.... it may not look as um.. well... 'good' so.. dont make fun of it... and it may not look as 'bad' over the scanning process but its gotton worse.. you can tell by my chewing marks on the right side of the arm... heh heh heh... sorry my love... i never meant to hurt you... i just enjoy knawing on your.. goodness O.o (if that made any sense... anyway...
this is my love
my soul
the one thing that makes me keep on living
i will allways love you
no matter what
we've been through alot
but that will never tear us apart
i love you
i now


(sorry i took it off it was too big. if ya wanna see it just pm me)

well not really... i was just messin' around with ya! my lover is actually yuki... but GC is my baby.. yes... i hold it in my arms likes its a living vessel! i love that thing to DEATH!!!!
(jeez that pic was huge... )

hey i took this anime kiss thing!

(i took this quiz like 3 times and these two results are the only ones that popped up... the intense one popped up twice.. heh heh)
hear that yuki? cant wait 'till sunday eh? i will live up to this result towards you! >.<

okay maybe im over eacting... ive had to much to um... 'drink' lately.. sorry... ive been a bad shuichi havent i? im sorry baby.... please forgive me...


(hey! isnt this the girl from the cosplay cafe? SHE WAS IN ANIMERICA! YEAH YEAH! I REMEBER! I ONLY SUBSCRIBE TO IT! >< but it sucks cuz she went to newstypeUSA WAAAAA!)

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