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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

   Yay! it didnt Suck!!! and is that my report card?

Hey every one! whats down? theres nothing to post about... thats why i havent been posting lately... i did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING today.... except... that i went to the movies to go see Star Wars Episode 3. It was like FOUR FREAKIN' HOURS LONG!!!! but it was worth it! ^^ it was really good! and im not all into the star wars crap! i only wanted to see it because every one wouldnt stop saying that it was really good! so i went with my bro and watched it with him! whoo hoo!

(i never knew anakin was darth vader O.O i guess you learn something everyday...)
now all i wanna see is lords of dogtown and charlie and the chocolate factory(johnny depp so rules!*cough*edward scissorhands*cough*) and there some other movies but i forgot what they are called! *slaps self across face* bad shu! im so forgetfull! T.T
oh yeah! i allmost forgot! i got my report card in the mail today! yay!
math: c
Lang. arts: B
Science: B
Geography: A
P.E: B
Agraculture/home ec.: A
whoo hoo! and i thought i got Ds and Fs! *sigh of relief* THANK YOU GOD! >.< and on my F-Cat score i got in math a 1785 and in lamguage arts i got a 1729...
yeah yeah yeah dont make fun 'o me... im stupid! T.T Yuki got like 2947304637 points... not really but it was really high!
okay i do believe thats it! well Bu-byez every one! >.<
maybe next time i'll show you guys my ghetto ps2 controller! (yuki its gotton worse O.O)
~Shuichi Shindou~
The Great and.... Stupid -.-


(please PM me is you want a certain cosplay to be shown! ^^)

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