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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

   Thank you

Hey Every one! Whats down? Well im finally over my depressed moment thingy.. and i give all thanks to
yuki, Momo and yaoishojo
this is for you yaoi and momo
and this one is expecially for my love:

whoo hoo! i feel great today! i guess im finally ganna listen to you guys and ignore the people who put me down! what would i do with out you?!

well i almost off grounded... i think... and i hope... AND MY MOM SAID THAT SHE IS GANNA RUN THAT PHONE LINE THROUGH TO MY ROOM! HERE THAT YUKI?! I CAN FINALLY TALK TO YOU ALL THE TIME! *sings the cant touch this song* ha! well thats about it! except for the fact all ive been doing is rewatching my anime dvds and playing tenshu on the xbox!
later every one! hope you all have a nice day!
~Shuichi Shindou~
Cosplay of the day:

(if you would like to see some one in a cosplay just pm me and i'll try to get the best ones!)

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