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Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm Sorry

The sea is like me
It rolls in and out
With virtually no purpose
Except for the pleasure
Of the moon
It is really not a sea
It is an endless picture of a lost soul
Masquerading as a sea
Its blue color
And salt taste
Tells you nothing more
Than a story of despair
Nothing ever happens here
Some say the sea is peaceful
I say it forces everyone who looks
Upon it to cry

Driven To Die
This day was the worst
And maybe the last
Lock all the doors first
And I'll lay on the floor
I'm sick of being called names
Cry till I cant take it no more
Take this razor blade
Hold it tight
Let all this pain fade
As I drift from this life
I'm sick of this world
No one will shut up
The voices in my head won't stop
Telling me to just give up
If this is it
Then I am gone
They will find me
Or maybe not
Do they care
Just turn my fan on
And leave me in a pool of blood
Driven to die

FrightFul Forest Lead Me Home
Trapped from reality
Sleepless nights
Candy-coated nightmares
Tragedy strikes
My mind is wiped
Fallen stars wince
Leaves dance in circles around my mind
Frightful forest lead me home
I reach to the sky
To hear you cry
Heaven is so far away from here
Frightful forest lead me home
Take my hand
Lead me on
Scare me in ways I never thought you could
Leaves so harmless sent to kill
Darkness so sinful, overtake my soul
Grasp my heart
Tear it apart
Stars arrange in pentagrams
Make this the worst nightmare
Make things come alive
Frighten me
See my soul
Notice me so alone, so cold
Frightful forest lead me home
Frightful forests leave me alone
Lead me home

Special Thanks to: Lethica

I didnt relize i was so blind. i didnt know. i hurt you. so much. i never knew. i never relized. how much pain you were in. why didnt i see this before? why couldnt i know before hand. i am a failer. a loser. i dont belong any more. i have failed to love. fail to care. i have failed to listen. to what you have to say. but now i understand. the only problem is. its too late. its too late to change things. careless clumbsy stupid. what will i do now? i dont know. go where ever the wind takes me. im a failer. a loser. what have i become?

Special Thanks To: RamenNmyI

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