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Sunday, May 22, 2005

   'No more school its summer now so lets party' pool party

(have you guys seen samurai champloo yet on adult swim? makers of cowboy bebop but i still say wolfs rain is the best and it allways will be .. from the makers of cowboy bebop that is...)

HEY EVERY ONE! WHATS DOWN? i had a fun saterday! it was awesome! Only it was a disaster... but it was awesome! Any way... yeah I went to ryuichis 'no more school its summer now so lets party' pool party... I wore something un-imaginable! I had on a short black miniskirt with a short shirt with some striped long socks (the socks are normal for me ^^) and my hair was up in pigtails! O.O we had to dress un-school like so.... *sweatdrop* anyway.... we had a ddr compatition which didnt last very long.. so we went to go swiming! her dog is awesome! it jumps in the pool and swims every where! okay im good but like I was saying... I had on a neon orange bikini with a shirt over it of course (which is an outrage cuz I usualy wear a pair of swimming trunks and a shirt over the top of the bathing suit) every one wouldnt stop double-teaming me by going to the cooler and getting a hand full of ice cubes and stuffing them down top and bottoms! T.T so I jumped in the pool and every one followed after me (this continued for a while leading to just about every one) then we pantsed yuki like 3 times I got pantsed like 4 and hiro got pants once! but it was funny cuz he wore his boxers in the pool! ha ha ha! after all that madness it was dark.. probably about 8 pm... so we made a pon fire and threw all of our school work that we had through out the year! (i had the most.. incuding all of my note books school books and folders but we werent alloud to do all of them *sniff sniff*) then... I got my BETTER TASTING DORITOS and yuki stole them from me... and put a chip in between my boobs and ate it... so did hiro... and that continued for a while... as I tried to run away... T.T heh well there was alot more than just that but I better not name it.. for it is wrong and inapropriate ....
oh wait! I must add one more thing! during the day when we were all in the pool... every one pinnied me down and took off my shirt making me expose my bathing suit... I felt naked... and every one else took off thier shirt... and it started a whole convorsation about man-boobys... and then every one looked at me... and wouldnt stop gripping my chest.. and it hurt.. alot... same goes for yuki... ow... okay im good *sweatdrop*
well I hope all of you guys have a very good summer and such!
OH YEAH! GUESS WHAT?! I FINNALY GOT MY COMPUUUTEEEEER! WITH MY OWN INTERNET SERVICE!!!!!!! (ive been waiting for about a year or so)
BYE EVERY ONE! *hugs and kisses*

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