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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   PS3, Xbox, Revolution and another gameboy?

Hey guys! Long time no see eh? yeah yeah yeah! I know im grounded but I had to post and see what all you guys are up to! ^^ well anyway...
HAVE YOU PEOPLE HEARD ABOUT THE NEW GAME SYSTEMS COMING OOOOOOOUT?! I got so excited when i saw all the new game systems man! it was awesome! I swear I'm ganna spend the night at EB games and on the next day be the first one to get the PS3! then i'll save up money to get the Xbox360 (yes 360.... its not called Xbox2 >.>) and im not sure about the revolution! if you havent heard of it, its the new nintindo game system. i heard you can play 64 games, gamecube games and its own games... but when they went to go show it nintindo didnt have any games to show... so we dunno if it'll be good or not... (nintindo is getting way behind) OH OH! THIS IS REDICULOUSLY FUNNY! NINTINDO HAS A NEW GAMEBOY! YES! ANOTHER GAMEBOY... *sigh* but all you nintindo/gameboy freaks wont be too excited... the new game boy is no bigger than the size of your palm... and the screen is no bigger than the caller ID screen on your phone or the screen on your cell phone! I thought that was a waist of money! *laughs at nintindo company* Im a big playstation fan and i'll allways be by thier side no matter what! on g4 Tech Tv, they were saying that playstation was really getting ahead and maybe be better than the new xbox! O.O i was really excited! and they are right! the graphics are AWESOME! i was staring at the tv in amazement! I think i cried too T.T

Heres Something that really got me pissed while i was watching the new systems on E3 05 live (on g4 tech tv) *sigh* okay here it goes.... you ddr fans out there arent ganna be happy.... but here it comes any waaaaaaaay......

*vein* c'mon! who would buy that crap?! we saw a preview of it and mario and luigi are dancig in the background (the raters say that mario is a ho *chuckles*) i know some people will like it... but I still think thats a really BAD idea... >.> (i was yelling at the tv...)
well I think thats it for that.... but I still have more *sweatdrop* sorry you guyz
sinse I am grounded... I cant talk on the phone or go over any ones place.... but i think my mom forgot or she really doesnt care... cuz the phone rang and she handed it to me O.o but im still afraid to ask her if I can go to Ryu's out of school party.... OH speaking of, today is thursday! and tomorrow is friday which is the last day of school! ^^ im not going to school today or tomorrow! cuz i gatta watch my little bro cuz hes sick and has a stomach virus! i think im getting it too.... oooooh and we have exams today and tomorrow.... i wonder if they will fail me.... *gasps* or if they can mail them to me.... hmmm.... man i really do hope i dont fail! I worked hard to get the best grades i can get! *sniff sniff* well I believe thats all I gatta say for today (hey I rhymed) i'll try to get on as much as possible! (i havent gotton my compy yet so... >.>) well tell me how you guyz are and i'll catch ya laaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! bye every oooooone! ^^
~ Shuichi Shindou~
p.s. do you guyz know any good games that are out? I need a list so i can get some new games (i need 'em bad *sobs*)

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