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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   NoOoOoOoO! It CaNt Be! GrOuNdEd?! ThAt LoNg?!

Hey every one! whats up? er... down? man... i have some terrible news.... IM GROUNDED FOR A WHOLE FUCKING MONTH! DO YOU HERE ME? A MONTH! *sobs in a lone corner by myself never to be seen or noticed again* but i swear man! i hate this eddie guy! (my moms husband and they just got married... and that really pissed me off) i wanna slit his through and watch him suffer! ide laugh so hard as my mother cried! then ide quickly stop laughing and turn to face her. give her and evil stare and start heading towards my room. oh yeah! how good i would feel! but of course i cant do that >.>

i know its destirbing but i just wanted to give you my veiw.... or what ever *sweatdrop*
but if you are now mentaly desturbed then here! Heres a cute picture i found randomly searching google! ^^

he looks like hes desturbed from the picture huh? im not helping any am i? well lets forget about it... cuz i gatta get ready to go to daytona! well i'll see you all... um.... when ever i have a chance to sneak online! bye every ooone!

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