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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

   volume 12 of gravitation
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.... *sobs* i cant stop crying! its been exacly 1hour 24 minutes and 16, 17, 18 seconds of crying! and i still am! i dont want it to end...

GRAVITATIONS LAST NOVEL IS IN JULY 2005! NOOOOOOOOO! *sobs even more* i just got through reading volume 11.... it was soooo good.. its just came out! you guyz need to get it! (after you read volumes 1-10) i read it in 28 minutes.... my reacord of reading a graphic novel... it usually takes me about 50 minutesto an hour!.... i like to take my time! tee hee! well i just had to announce that! i have to post something really important!... but i'll wait a couple a days (to make sure every one sees this first... even though its not that important.... ecept to those big gravitation fans out there XD)
bye guuuuuuuuyz!
have fun!
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*is still crying but not as bad as before*
-from the great and NEW Shuichi shindou F. version 1370 (upgraded)

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