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Saturday, April 2, 2005

   too many problems!

hey guys! whats up?
the comment boxes are doing freaky things! i was reading my comments on my site and i clicked the link going to some ones site and the comment box like flipped out on me! it was scary! i dont know how to explain it! it like did a back flip and my computer went to a blue screen and then it shut down! so now i am terrified of the new comment boxes!
another thing... I HAVE WAY TOO MANY FRIENDS ON MY FRIENDS LIST! so im deleting the people who i never talk to... (which is basicly most of them) but i'll start going to every bodys site and comment!
i usually dont go on myotaku because i have nothing to post about... heh!
and one more thing! i wanted to ask some questions!

1. how do you make your background stay still without it making your site messed up! i know how ut it screws it up! so i was wondering you any of you guyz will help me(plz pm me)
2. how do you make boxes on your posts?
3. how do you put pics in your post boxes?
4. does anyone know where i can get those pop up boxes?

-shuichi shindo the 3rd female verson 1370

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