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Monday, February 21, 2005

   Boogy Man
have any of you guys seen the boogy man yet? i went with yuki (darkflowerofdeath)and its not all that great as you think it might be...-_- man... im so disapointed.... i really wanted to see it too... cuz i thought they FINALY came out with a good horror movie.. (damn you!)..... ::kicks post:: so if you really wanna see it.. dont get too excited... you might wanna wait till it comes out on video... don waste your money on the movies (unless if your rich [the movies are expensive here O_o]) but thats my opinion..... i laughed at the 'scary' parts.... some people were staring at us! heh heh... but if you REALLY wanna see something scary... check out this!
Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
^^ i call him... henry! woot woot! hey i just might make this my avi!
okay l8rz every one!

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