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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

   everything is wrong
*crys* there were all thses tests today! i bet i failed every one! and i promised yuki-kun that if i failed he could bite me... *slaps forhead* i AM a moron.... *Sigh*
anyways... Ryu-chan is mad at me... i dunno why(secondsbleed4ever)*shrugs* hes mad cuz i said i was ganna ignore him... thats what he wanted... so i shall do it! i just want the best for my friends/lovers....T_T .... okay i shall post my notes to yuki-kun on myo! its so funny! but anyways... i got out of detention.... im so happy! i can manipulate teachers! woot woot! *thumbs up* okay so uh ya... thats about it for today.... except the fact that ryu-chan is ganna kill me.... but anywayz... l8rz!

question of the day: do you know any good shounen ai besides gravitation, fake and selffish love?

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