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Thursday, February 3, 2005

hey whats up? ya ya ya i know im grounded but who said i cant be sneaky? lol! okay so i went to skool today and every one is turning bi! they were admitting it! and then one of my friends told me she was bi and started huging me and squeezing me! X_X! it was so scary! i dont have anything against bi ppl i just dont wanna become one! any ways my BEST friend told me on the phone today (im sneaky!) that she might be bi and she wanted to go out with me! im like 'WHAT? sorry but im not bi...' and she kept on begging me! the way she allways does to get me to do something! and i cant resist! but i dont wanna be bi! so can you guys help me out? this is my best friend we are talkin about! i trust her with anything!

question of the day: is being bi the new style?

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