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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

   in second peroid... lol
ya in second peroid, i was supose to be doing science work... but instead i was reading immortal rain volume 4... i was looking down and i was crying! (becauase its sad) so the teacher came over by me and goes " OH MY GOD! ARE YOU OKAY? do you want to go to the office?" i look up and whipe off my tears and go "uh... what?" and the teacher goes " are you okay? you can talk to me" im just sittin there clue less and the whole class is just staring at me... and then like 2 minutes later i realized what she just said and i go " OH! I GET IT NOW! no no! i was just reading a book... and it... was... uh... sad..." i sorta got in trouble too lol!
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