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Saturday, January 22, 2005

   I Got a E-mail... Is this True?
Dear Online Anime Comunity[OAC]
Hello My online name Is Rei Ayanami, I would like to adress you on a certian isusse that realy pisses me off, some christans on Petion.com or w/e it is, are trying to ban Anime in the US That means no more trigun cowboy bebop inuyasha or any of those animes on adult swim, it also means no anime merchandise will be sold in the U.S ALSO they are trying to make so that if you possses anime matirel you can be jailed/and or fined. Now thats just messed up soooo me and a couple of my friends decided this is not right so what were doing is makeing an anti petition that will be sent to the president if anime is actualy banned

All you have to do is copy and paste this email onto a NEW email and then add your name[REAL NAME, rp/nickname/anime name afterwards if you wish, and what state you live in, age if you want] thank you and LONG LIVE ANIMEEEEE!!

okay this was the e-mail i recieced (along with a whole bunch of names...) and i wanna know if you have heard about this.... i made a thread on gaia about this and they were saying that they tried to do this 2 years ago!XD
i dunno! but plz tell me about it!

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