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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

   i hate christmas yet i love it.....
dude! i cant wait till christmas... i allready know what all im getting so its no suprise... I JUST WANT MY PREZ! lol did you hear about the house that caught on fire and they happend to save thier prez and tree? of course u didnt... u dont live where i live...
anyway... ya christmas is so anoying! my next door neighbors put up a crap load of lights and its bright as hell! i cant even go to sleep in my own house thats how bright it is! if you take one glance over there you'll be blind for life!
ya so anyway... christmas isnt a real big deal... unless you have sumthing big planed... or u got a crap load of awesome prez like me and you cant wait any longer...

XxX SkYe XxX
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