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Friday, November 5, 2004

   the dance
well.... today seemed a bit more better.... sorta... any way i read in 1st period, wrote notes in 2nd period, copy off of some ones paper because i didnt know the answers in 3rd perod, and in 4th period-that was the dance! ya ya, it may sound exiting... but it was the most gayest thing .... EVER! of course ive been to a dance before but all i did was just stand and watch... any way... since im tired of just standing there all the time, i got my best friend to teem up with me. i asked her what should we do and she didnt have any suggestions. but then we saw Robbie! and we asked him what he was donig and he said nothing. okay then that "electric slide" song came on and every one was dancing in a neet order. So Robbie said "hey! lets run across! from there all the way back" then brittany said "i dont think we can make it all the way back" the Robbie satrted to count... "okay 1... 2... 3... GO!" so we ran across the dancing group and ran all the way back 3 times (i think) AND WE DESTROYD IT! *YA* okay so after that awesome situation... another song came on and very one was doing a train! so i grabbed onto Robbies shoulders, and Brittany grabbed onto mine (i dunno who Robbie grabed onto)! okay so i said "lets break the train!" and we all agreed! so we let go and started rampaging into peoples arms trying to break the train! it was quite difficult but we managed! the dance was over and then i went to my 5th period! all i did was sew... which is HARD! i dont know how i managed to get zigzags from a straight line on the sewing machine! okay after that i went to 6th period and we had a spelling test! i got a 100. then after that we had to read silently. but instead the dude next to me (philip) was being a pervert and drawing naked girls and shuving it into my face! ..... finally! the day is now oveeeeeer! and its a Friday too! *sigh* i swear man, can i have a more weirder day?
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