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Thursday, November 4, 2004

   stupid people at school..........
i'm so tired! i was absent yesterday cuz im so freakin sick! i cant breath talk! i cant do anything! today was one of my worst days! okay in 2nd period we had a stupid sub, the sub that i HATE! Mrs ewine or something like that... anyway, i did all the work for the day and when class had ended and the bell rung she said "only students leaving the building can go first" so i left the class room but she stopped me and asked where i was going. i said that i was leaving the building and then she got really mad and started yelling at me! so i just left her.... okay so im walking to 3rd period.... im in the class...... and my friend brittany sit by me. we started to talk about skate boareding and my geography teacher mrs booher started to yell at us! we werent the only ones talking! it seems she only keeps her eye on "only" us! okay so 3rd period is over... walking to my math class..... i sit down.... do my review for the test...... im done with my review...... i get out a sheet of paper and a black pen and i stert to color the whole paper..... then the girl that i hate that sits in front of me starts staring at me...... she wont get hers eyes off me...... yes! finnaly the bell rings! okay then i walk to my 5th period, pe. i go in the locker room andlock up my book bag and go to the luch room. the lind is ridiculously long... so i get in front of everybody... then this guy started to yell at me because i skipped him but i just turn away ... so e spanks my butt and i kick him in the nuts! the teacher got mad at me so i got to be in the front of the line.... i sit down and give away all my food.... then i drink my milk and take my medacine. lunch is over, i get into my pe clothes and we have to do fittness tests and today was curl-ups and the shuttle run. i got 42 curl-ups in 1 minute (my stomache is killing me) and i got 11.32 seconds in the shuttle run (i triped cuz i hate tying my shoes).... pe is over on to 6th period... language arts... i go to the library cuz we are supose to meet there... i had to take a tes and do some work book pages... after i was done i sat down with robert, philip and this other guy. the cliton comes over to our table and wont stop leaving me alone so i slaped him in the back of the head! the he punched me in the arm and ran away. but i dint do anything. then like 20 seconds later he punches me again and runs away. so i got up and snuck up behind him, he saw me and took off running but i caught him! and i stabbed him with my safety pin into his back! and then this gay person named ashley wont stop calling me a prep.... i allmost beat her ass too but i got in truoble... i am the complete opposite of a prep! shes the one who screams like a little sissy girl and acts likes shes all that.... *sigh* any way... thanks for reading this! and if you dont mind could you comment me and tell me what this sounds like to you?
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